My illustration work has grown out of my regular drawing habit,


researching and planning new textile artworks. As I drew more and more children, and turned them into art quilts, I grew to enjoy the drawing process more and more. People would often mention that they would love to see a picture book with my illustrations. Interestingly, long before I took my dream of illustration seriously, I would turn to favourite children’s illustrators as a source of inspiration for my artworks. Illustrators like Shirley Hughes, Graeme Base, Freya Blackwood and Shaun Tan. (I can’t walk out of a good bookshop without a new picture book. So I’m thrilled that my first picture book will be published in 2019. I will share more details when I can. Stay tuned!

0 me 1000px.jpg
7 1000px horizontal.jpg
5 1000px horizontal.jpg
10 Little Red 2 1000px.jpg
5 Eleanor and elephant in park.jpg
6 Eleanor and elephant on couch.jpg
Ada Lovelace character.jpg
this moment 1
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6 1000px horizontal.jpg
9 Little Red 1 1000px.jpg
4 Animal poses.jpg
this moment 3
2 Eleanors expressions.jpg
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1 Eleanor.jpg
3 Eleanor poses.jpg
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8 eleanor cover.jpg
this moment 2
children exploring
children explore

daily drawings

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