“Like old friends or a favourite piece of music, artworks energise a room and transform it from four walls into a haven.”

Quoted from Flinders Lane Gallery


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It is the little everyday things that inspire both my illustration and my fine art. I love the illustration process for how it allows me to tell a story over many images.

fine art

Hundreds of little pieces of hand-dyed or screen-printed fabric are stitched together to create bold textile paintings. Kind of like traditional patchwork techniques, but applied in a whole new way.

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fabric has a beautiful tactile quality to it that speaks of home and comfort and nurture


It is the little every day things that inspire both my illustration work and my fine art. I am reminded of this in the journey of discovery of the little children in my life. There is nothing more beautiful than the pure joy and wonder of a little child discovering something new about this wonderful world - snail trails, dew drops, rain falling, bubbles floating…

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Meet the maker

Hi, I’m Ruth. I’m an award winning artist, a crazy sewing lady, an (almost) published picture book illustrator, and a stay-at-home mum to six children (ages 3 to 15).


God moves through nature – and souls – like a whisper on water and he cannot be held back. Life shoots up straight out of death and no one can make it stop. An artist lives in the midst of this wonder, breathes it in, moves around in it, uncovers her unique contribution to it, and offers it back up to God.
— Emily Freeman, A Million Little Ways

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