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Hello, I’m Ruth!


I’m so grateful that you’re visiting my site. Really, I’d love to meet with you in person over a cuppa in my studio, but right now this will have to do! I’m enjoying the creative journey that God has led me along since childhood. For as long as I can remember I have had a burning desire to make, stitch, draw and capture. I am thankful every day for the opportunities, new friends, varying creative endeavours, and endless opportunities to learn new things that are part of this wonderful journey.

On any given day there are a million ideas floating in my mind, so that the challenge is not so much to find inspiration, but rather, to decide which idea to run with next. For the sake of taming the flow of creativity and chaos of ideas that want to be realised, I focus my artmaking into two main pursuits…

  1. textile fine art, using quiltmaking techniques

  2. picture book illustration, to capture and celebrate the world of little children beyond what I currently have time to explore in my art quilts.

I especially love it when these two pursuits collide and cross paths, and am continually looking for ways to make this happen.