A drawing every day except Sunday

I started out this year with a daily drawing project (except Sundays). There are a few reasons why I love a daily project like this. One being that making a regular little creative habit like this is so good for my creativity all round - it keeps me drawing and making through days and weeks where I might otherwise be inclined to neglect this practice. It’s also a little window in my day for just playing on paper, not matter what other ‘more important’ creative projects I might be busy with. Setting a few parameters for a daily project (e.g. illustration size, theme, medium) forces me to get creative with how to create new and interesting drawings within those parameters (once the initial ideas run out). And drawing every day like this is a great way to build up a body of work to draw on in future artistic projects. I can certainly see that elements of some of these drawings will inform future art quilts! (Stay tuned!). I’ve wrapped up this project for now, though, and have listed 100 of the drawings in my web shop, so that they are now available for purchase.


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