How to Hang an Art Quilt

Sometimes people are a bit bewildered by textile art. If you are used to the idea that art comes framed, then large art quilts hanging 'naked' in the wall may not fit with your idea of how art should be presented. It is partly for this reason that I started framing some of my artwork in recent years.


All my larger artworks are prepared with hanging 'sleeves' attached to the back of the quilt, several centimetres below the top. To hang the artwork, a wooden rod with loops (screw eyes) on the end is slipped through the sleeve. This rod can be hung on a couple of screws in the wall, or also works perfectly with a gallery hanging system.

All of my smaller art quilts (40cm by 40cm) are prepared with Velcro tabs on the back for inserting into picture frames. If you are an Australian customer I can send these art quilts framed. (Note, I don't use glass in my frames, as I think it takes away from the tactile nature of textile art.) For international customers, these quilts are posted mounted on to foam core boards, ready to inserted into a picture frame (I love the RIBBA range from IKEA).


For local customers, I also frame some of my medium sized art quilts using the same method. (These artworks still include a hanging sleeve for hanging unframed should you prefer, or should you be purchasing internationally).

If you are considering purchasing one of my artworks and would like to know more about how to hang it or whether it can be framed, please email me (ruth{at}ruthdevos{dot}com)!


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