My artmaking process is truly unique. It’s not applique. There are no raw edges. It’s a bit like traditional block piecing, just pushing the boundaries and rules a bit further. If you’d like to learn how to do it, here are some classes I teach…

I take on a very limited number of teaching engagements each year (due to family commitments :)

If you are a quilt group or retreat committee, but terms for teaching include

  • AUD$600 per six hour day

  • travel expenses

  • accomodation (non billeted)

  • meal expenses.

If you are not a quilt group or retreat committee, but would like to take a class with me, the best way to stay informed about upcoming workshops is to sign up to my mailing list.

The workshops that I teach are listed below. If you have followed my work via social media or my blog, and have a suggestion for a workshop that you would like to take, feel free to send it to me!

Please note that some workshops may have an additional kit fee/student.


Piecing a Botanical Quilt

2 days
Some quiltmaking experience required

Using a pattern designed by myself, we will work through my process for piecing a pictorial design to form a small (50 by 50cm) botanical quilt. Starting with a full size pattern, we will use iron on interfacing to translate the pattern pieces to fabric, and will learn how to stitch all the pieces together. You will love watching your design take shape! You should be well on your way to completing this quilt top by the end of the class.


work in progress 7.jpg

Let’s Try Some Basic Screenprinting

1 day
All levels

Curious about screen-printing? Are you interested in printing your own t-shirts or fabric? This workshop is designed to dip your toes into the wonderful world of screen-printing. We will tackle basic screen-prints using paper stencils with simple supplies. You will learn how to design and make a paper stencil, and how to use this to make striking prints. You will receive a silk screen, 'squeegee', and paper knife so that you will be well-equipped to continue your screen-printing journey at home. The basic skills of this workshop will enable you to tackle all kinds of creative projects - customised clothing, baby gifts, home decorating, artwork and more.


Enriching Your Quilt with Hidden Imagery

1 day
Basic free-motion quilting experience required

Every quilt has a story.  Learn how to add to the story of your quilt by making your quilting interesting and relevant.  We will discuss how to find inspiration for your quilting, and how to make your stitching an exciting part of your quilt. Working through some samples, we will consider how to apply ‘stitched images’ to your quilt, and how to integrate them into your quilt design. You will come away well equipped to quilt any future project with confidence and creativity!

draped quilts 11.jpg

layered quilts.jpg

Design Your Own Botanical Quilt for Piecing

3-4 days
Master class; for experienced quiltmakers

Discover the thrill of designing your own art quilt. Focussing on botany, together we will work through the process of designing a pieced art quilt. Armed with your photos and sketches, we will address the elements and principles of design in order to develop a quilt design which will be translated into a working pattern for piecing your art quilt. I will demonstrate my process for piecing quilts, and you will cut out your quilt and make a start at piecing it together.