Textile art: capturing the joy of a child twirling

There’s nothing more carefree than a child twirling freely, amidst riotous giggling and falling over. Especially if it’s a little girl with a twirly skirt! This textile artwork, ‘high spirits 2’ captures some of that for on your wall. Unabandoned joy in your living room!

The artwork is available for purchase here. (It is here is a companion piece too, which you can purchase here.)

69cm high by 67cm wide

Fabric paint, cotton fabric, cotton batting.
Screen-printed, machine-pieced, hand- and machine-quilted.

This artworks has a sleeve stitched onto the back for hanging purposes, and can be hung using a gallery-style hanging system, or with two screws in the wall.

Please note that I do offer returns on my artworks within 30 days of purchase, should you be dissatisfied. Also, for Australian customers, there is FREE SHIPPING. If you’re international, please feel free to message me to discuss the best shipping option.

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