That old sewing machine


That old sewing machine there is one of my favourite things. It was given to me by an older lady in our church when I was eleven years old, as she’d heard that I like to sew. I made my first little quilt with it, seated on my attic bedroom floor.

It stills runs like new, especially now that I have a new rubber band for winding bobbins. If you’ve visited my open studio, or one of my exhibitions, you may have seen it in action - it’s perfect for such occasions as there are no power cords to trip over! I just don’t get much stitching done, as everyone loves to stop and talk about the machine - it’s a great conversation starter.

At home it sits on a side cupboard, on a block of wood, at a perfect height for me to stand at, to sew. It’s perfect for when I want to fit in a bit of stitching while I’m not in my studio.

If you purchase an art quilt from me, there’s a good chance that some of it was stitched on that old sewing machine! See all my available art quilts in my shop.


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