I would be honoured to create a portrait art quilt of your children or grandchildren (or yourself and your siblings as children) that will be cherished for years to come. I am committed to providing you with a portrait art quilt that you will love, and look forward to collaborating with you in this project.

The Commission Process

The process begins with consultation (by email, phone, or in person). I would like to know a little bit about the children who will be featured. I will also ask for several photos of each child, either individually, or interacting with each other. These don’t need to be brilliant or professional photos – just happy snaps that capture your children ‘true-to-form’. Avoid photos that show odd facial expressions (unless, of course, this is normal for your child ). The photos don’t need to be formal and posed. It’s probably better to capture the children doing typical, everyday activities.

We will also discuss the size and style of the quilt. I would love to know if there are particular features or colours that you would like to see in your portrait quilt.

Following our consultation and on receipt of your photos, I will spend some time sketching your children. From the sketches I will develop a design and working pattern for the portrait. This may take several weeks. With your approval, I will then proceed with constructing the portrait quilt. This includes cutting out the pieces of fabric, screen-printing where necessary, stitching the pieces together, and then layering and quilting the artwork.

The length of this process varies, but count on it taking between two and three months. I will gladly share the progress with you along the way. It is always so exciting to see the artwork take shape!

All my artworks are finished with a hidden hanging sleeve attached to the back. A wooden slat can be hung through the sleeve and attached to the wall so that it is invisible. Alternatively, we can arrange for the artwork to be framed.