Living with an artwork which signifies a specific period in your life creates a constant, affirmative reminder of that memory, place, person or achievement.
— Flinders Lane Gallery

Celebrate a personal event or period of your life and family with an artwork created especially for you.

Contact me with your ideas, and if it feels like a good fit for both of us, I will guide you through the consultation and design process to create an artwork that you love and that celebrates what is important to you. I will dye, paint and stitch a truly unique artwork that will be treasured for generations to come.

There are a few guidelines within which I create commissioned artworks.

  1. Either it needs to fit within my current themes of work (that is, artworks incorporating botany, or celebrating childhood) or if it’s a new idea, it needs to be one that I am excited to try. I believe that we will have the best outcome for everyone if the style of the commissioned artwork is consistent with my current body of work - which basically means that you need to allow me some creative freedom to fit your idea within my body of work. Don’t worry; I will take you with me on the design journey so that we have an outcome we both love.

  2. On a very similar note, the techniques I use in my fine art include fabric dyeing, screen printing, machine-piecing and stitching. I will use a combination of these techniques to make your treasured artwork.

  3. There is also a minimum investment required for a commissioned artwork, as the commissioning process takes almost as creative energy whether it’s a small artwork or a large piece.

    As a rough guide, the minimum investment is AUD$2000 for an artwork 80cm by 100cm (or smaller). An artwork that is 140cm by 120cm would be around AUD$3500, and one that is 165cm by 130cm would be around AUD$4500. Other factors that would influence this investment include whether you would like something particularly complex, and what kind of hanging/framing system you would like.

The biggest think I ask of you is that you trust me. I will give your artwork everything that I have, creatively! 

quilt my big wide world.jpg

The Process


This is includes initial discussions, via email or in person in which I aim to learn what it is that drew your attention to my creative work, what your wishes are for you own artwork (in terms of subject matter, colour palettes, and personal elements), and what size the artwork will be.


Based on your feedback in the consultation phase, I will come up with three potential concepts for your artwork. Together, we will choose one of these to develop further. I will design your artwork based on that concept, and develop a final drawing for the artwork. You will have a chance to comment and ask for changes to be made to this drawing. (Excessive design iterations will incur extra costs, but generally, an artwork comes together within three rounds of consultation - choosing an initial concept, and two rounds of developing that concept into a full design).


This is where I get to have fun with dye and paint and fabric and thread and stitch, to create your truly unique, one-of-a-kind artwork. If you’d like, I will share progress photos with you; or you can choose to have a delightful surprise once it is completed!


Your artwork will be fitted with a hanging system (either a hanging rod or a frame), packaged with utmost care, and shipped to your home.

The length of this process varies, but count on it taking at least three months. I can make a fairly good estimate as to how long the construction of the artwork will take; it is generally the design phase that is less predictable.I